Free Ebook: Restocking Strategies From Multi-Million Dollar Amazon Sellers

Learn 3 key tactics and the easiest way to increase your sales on Amazon.


Increase profits immediately. Exclusive tips and strategies from Amazon's top sellers and insiders.

Most sellers leave tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit on the table with restocking mistakes. We unveil the 4 real reasons why good sellers stockout - and the simple shift you can make today to restock for maximum ROI. 

  1. Why Good Sellers Stockout (And What To Do About It): 4 reasons and solutions
  2. The Real Cost of a Stockout: How are you calculating your Opportunity Cost?
  3. 3 Models for Reordering
    1. Time
    2. Volume
    3. Profit
  4. How to Predict Restocking Levels
  5. Managing Suppliers - Exactly what you should be asking.
  6. Interview with a Multi-Million Dollar Amazon Seller
    1. His automated reordering process
    2. How he cut his restocking workflow from 2 weeks to less than a week.
    3. How frequently he reorders, and for how many days of inventory
    4. Tips on managing supplier relationships
    5. The most important tip about selling on Amazon
    6. How 'old school' retail thinking isn't cutting it - and what to do instead
    7. Key tips on negotiating for better rates with suppliers




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