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Your one stop shop for all things Amazon advertising

Whether you’re leveraging one (or all) of Amazon’s advertising channels, we have you covered. Teikametrics ensures your next dollar spent, is your best dollar spent.

Get your products in front of the right people at the right time. Use our algorithm to ensure your ads are converting efficiently and profitably.

Make sure your brand stands out in Amazon’s crowded marketplace. Leverage our best-in-class algorithmic optimization to make your business known.

Create demand for your products. Target specific audiences on (and off) Amazon. Close the loop on your Amazon advertising with Teikametrics.

Best-in-class algorithmic bidding

Set your ads up for success with intelligent, algorithmic keyword bidding. We’ll make sure every bid is set so you’re capturing more sales at the price that makes sense for you.

Teikametrics' sophisticated approach to ad management, automation data science, and deep expertise has allowed us to conquest additional market share while optimizing within a given budget. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to scale their business on Amazon.

The perfect bid. Every time.

We leverage data from across our entire seller base and combine it with your product margins, conversion rates, and expected sales per conversion to create the perfect keyword bid.

Hourly bid changes

Up to every hour our algorithm reviews your product sales and ad performance to update bids as necessary, always keeping you competitive.

Price-change aware

Never adjust bids again when the price of your product changes or you’ve added a discount code or coupon; let our algorithm do it for you.

Combining technology with expertise

The combination of algorithmic data science with the prowess of expert Amazon analysts (like us) will always outperform either alone. Factors like competition, market trends (holidays, Prime Day, and seasonality), and keyword relevancy need to be tuned and accounted for with a human touch. At the same time, the sheer scale and complexity of campaign, keyword, and bid management is far too tedious and nuanced for even the most experienced PPC expert. We’ll marry the two together, offering you outcomes unobtainable anywhere else.

Real brands. Real results.

Teikametrics' software is notably robust, and their analysts have helped us both maximize profitability and truly understand the incremental value of our Amazon Ads. They are a valued partner and we really appreciate the flexibility of their software and service model.


I remember vividly telling Teikametrics that we were averaging 2,000 orders per week and that my goal is to double that number. As of today, we are averaging 4,500 orders per week. We couldn’t be happier that we partnered with Teikametrics and what the effects of their team and system have had for our success!