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Outwit Your Competition: 
Game Theory for Ecommerce Stores

fba-ebook-oneAs an ecommerce retailer, you're never operating as an island. Every decision you make - from lowering prices to investing in inventory - has implications for the rest of the industry.
An understanding of core economic principles can help you take control of your business's strategy, so you're acting strategically, rather than merely reacting to competitors.When you download this whitepaper, you'll learn:
  1. What's really going on during a price-war
  2. 3 crucial rules when setting your repricing logic
  3. How to out-compete the competition with stategic inventory investments
  4. The 5 most common pitfalls ecommerce retailers make when dealing predatory pricing

Game Theory is the analysis of strategic decisions and reactions from competitors. For e-commerce retailers it helps explain the outcome of many competitive scenarios including price-wars, repricing logic, and strategic inventory investments.

Whether you're looking to gain strategic insight or specific tactics, our whitepaper will ensure you're keeping the larger competitive picture in mind.

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