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Why go with Teikametrics for Amazon?

Teikametrics launches and grows leading brands on Amazon through the powerful combination of fully-managed Amazon ads and cutting-edge AI optimization technology. Our team works with you to understand your business goals and then executes to ensure you’re maximizing ROAS while increasing bottom line sales. It’s the easiest, and now most affordable way, to grow your business and exceed your selling goals.


Get the help you need to scale fast on Amazon

  • Dedicated advertising management
  • Fully-connected marketplaces
  • AI-powered advertising optimization
  • Product-level profitability insights
  • Competitive market intelligence
  • 24/7 Expert support

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Our AI platform is our differentiator. See why thousands of brands trust Teikametrics to optimize their Amazon Ads.

Top benefits you get with Teikametrics

Case Study - Igloo

“We worked with Teikametrics’ analyst team to quickly diagnose what was holding us back, and adapt our larger Amazon advertising practices to match this goal. The results, in terms of dramatically improved ROAS and total sales growth, speak for themselves.”

Logan Grimet Ecommerce Specialist, Igloo

Increase in sales


Decrease in ad spend


Let our experts optimize your Amazon PPC advertising

Looking to kickstart success with Amazon advertising? Teikametrics has you covered with:

  • Fully-managed Amazon advertising
  • Cutting-edge AI technology
  • Business and competitive intelligence insights