• April 29 - May 3, 2024


Are you prepared for Prime Day 2024?

Prime Day 2023 was the biggest Prime Day in Amazon's history. Shoppers spent more than $12 billion, and more than 375 million items were sold worldwide.

Whether you’re looking to promote your top product, offload stale inventory, or grow reviews and brand visibility, Prime Day can be a powerful tool in helping you meet your goals.

But, success isn’t guaranteed. With explosive buyer demand comes cut throat competition and difficult to manage issues like inventory stockouts, ads budgeting out early, and sky-high CPC costs.

To win you need to build your playbook and leverage the power of data to help you forecast demand and avoid the many pitfalls that come with the event. That’s where we can help.

Tune in for a full week of Prime Day strategy. We'll help you build an intelligent, data-powered strategy to prepare and execute on Prime Day 2024.

What's Included?
Monday - Tools for Success
Your Complete Prime Day 2024 Checklist
We’ve made it easier than ever to put your best foot forward for Prime Day 2024 with our Complete Prime Day Checklist

Tuesday - Amazing Insights!
Prime Day 2024 Benchmark Reports
Take advantage of our Prime Day 2023 benchmark data to drive measurable results for Prime Day 2024.

Wednesday - Hot Tips!
Prime Day 2024 Trends & Predictions
Join us for a LIVE webinar to hear directly from the experts what you can expect this Prime Day 2024.
Thursday - Tools for Success!
Master Budgeting and Preparation for Prime Day 2024
Review budgeting basics, key metrics, and actionable strategies to help improve performance and achieve e-commerce success on Prime Day 2024.

Friday - Deep Strategy!
A LIVE Panel With Amazon Advertising Experts
Get actionable tips on innovative ad strategies for a successful Prime Day...and beyond. Our analyst team will teach you how to keep a cool head when CPCs are high, and what to do to make the most of all that additional traffic
Strategies to Win on Prime Day 2024
The premier Prime Day strategy week to help you organize, strategize, and leverage the power of data to grow your brand and revenue on Prime Day 2024. Time is ticking – Register to get a week full of strategy from the industry's sharpest minds.