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Growing your brand at amazon.com to 7 figures and beyond with FBA private label Teikametrics software webinar resellers

Growing Your Brand on Amazon to 7 Figures and Beyond with FBA

June 10, 1pm EST

Selling your brand or private label on Amazon using Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)? You can't miss this webinar.

Brands and private label companies are exploding in popularity on Amazon. Brands are attracted to the ease and reach of selling with FBA, and resellers are adding private label products to their portfolio to avoid fierce price competition. 

But once you're past the initial stages of securing a manufacturer and creating a listing, how do you effectively grow your brand's presence and reputation as your product line expands?

This webinar is targeted for brands and private label sellers that already have products on Amazon. We won't be covering product research or sourcing, but those just starting out will get useful tips as well. 

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Advanced, proactive methods of review management – crucial when one negative review can sink your sales
  • Forecasting how much you'll need in stock for each SKU, including by size and color variation
  • Managing longer reordering lead times to ensure your best products stay in stock
  • An exclusive sneak preview of new software for brands and private label companies selling on Amazon


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About The Host

alasdairAlasdair McLean-Foreman started selling on Amazon in 2004 as one of the platform's first third party retailers in the sporting goods space. After growing his store to a multi-million dollar operation using Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA), he sold his business to help other sellers with growing pains using automated software solutions. He also founded the weight loss and fitness company Traineo and has built and provided e-commerce solutions to large organizations including Newscorp, The Times of London, L’Oreal, and The New York Marathon.