Learn how to launch a product on Amazon

From finding your idea to evaluating it, we'll show you how to get started launching a new product on Amazon the right way.

Growth opportunities for every Amazon Seller

eCommerce Brand Launch

Ever notice how people who show you how to make big money on Amazon leave out the important details? Learn how to avoid the hype and see what it really takes for a successful launch.

Learn the strategy and tactical details behind a successful launch

Ryan Goldstein is an Amazon Seller and the brains behind Air Vinyl, a successful Amazon brand. He breaks down the details of how he researched, developed, and launched a product on Amazon.

He'll show you how to create a solid framework for launching your next Amazon product and details about all of the tactics he used.

Course Overview

  • Jumping In
    • Creating a base structure
    • $500 and 4 weeks to a sale
    • Taking a first step
  • Types of Product Development
    • Understanding White Labeling
    • Appling White Labeling
    • Limitations of White Labeling
    • Understanding Private Labeling
    • Applying Private Labeling
    • Adding Product Features
  • Finding Your Product Idea
    • Generating Idea
    • Being Receptive
    • Identifying Solutions
  • Developing Your Product Idea
    • Product development Mentality
    • Fundamentals of Concept Exploration
    • The Ideation Process
    • Assessing Potential
  • Evaluating Your Idea
    • Minimizing Risk
    • Avoiding Roadblocks
    • Conducting Market Research
    • Applying Market Research
    • Considering Customer Experience
    • Understading Unit Metrics
    • Maximizing Margins
    • Mistakes Fuel Success
  • Bringing Your Product to Life
    • Thinking like an Engineer
    • Dialing In: Prototyping and Manufacturing
    • Applying Prototyping
    • Packaging
  • Launching Your Product
    • Launch Fundamentals
    • Where to Sell
    • Diversifying Sales Channels
    • Generating Attention
    • Investing in Content
  • Growth Opportunities
    • Growth Fundamentals
    • Testing Growth Strategies
    • Creating Demand
    • Capturing Demand
    • Amazon Advertising
    • Optimizing with Teikametrics

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