Improve Your Amazon Advertising Strategy with New Marketplace Data

The onset of COVID-19 has disrupted the retail landscape, offering both significant challenges and opportunities for e-commerce brands. In this special "Route to Recovery" webinar, hosted by Brian Anderson of Prosper Show and Andrew Waber of Teikametrics, you'll get insights into pre- and post-COVID-19 data trends by vertical category on Amazon, along with strategic guidance on how to properly measure and grow your business in the current environment.

Here's what we'll cover:

  • Benchmark your business by leveraging verticalized pre- and post-COVID-19 performance data
  • Plot your short- and long-term growth with an enhanced understanding of keyword trends in different categories
  • Re-examine your budgeting and bidding strategy based on COVID-19’s impact on the Amazon landscape
  • Minimize further disruptions to your overall business by navigating the larger ecommerce ad marketplace

Date and time

May 27, 2020 , 2-2:45PM EST

Your hosts


Brian Anderson Conference Producer, Prosper Show

andrew waber

Andrew Waber Director of Insights, Teikametrics