Breaking: Amazon Product Review Policy Changes

A lot of confusion has surrounded Amazon’s policies around requesting product reviews in recent years. Is it OK to ask via Buyer-Seller Messaging? What’s the Request A Review button? Is there a safe way to ask for product reviews on Amazon? Becky Trowbridge of eComEngine will be joining our Liz Fickenscher to discuss Amazon’s latest policy updates around Buyer-Seller Messaging, product review requests, and what you can and can’t do to get reviews on the Amazon marketplace.

Here's what we'll cover:

  • New updates to Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging policies
  • How the Request a Review button works and the results sellers are seeing
  • Automation that is safe and effective for getting more product reviews on Amazon
  • Answers to your questions about Amazon's review policies

Date and time

September 22nd 2020, 1-1:30 PM ET

Your hosts


Liz Fickensher Ecommerce Marketing Manager, Teikametrics


Becky Trowbridge Content Strategist, eComEngine