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Growing Direct & Omnichannel Sales with Integrated Advertising

Growing both your Amazon and D2C business requires advertising, but you don’t need to think of each channel as isolated. Ads promoting your D2C site, alongside ads on and off Amazon, can both drive omnichannel growth as long as you have the right strategy. In this webinar, Teikametrics and Taboola will discuss where you should focus as you scale your Amazon and D2C advertising, new uses for Amazon’s DSP, along with actionable tips for driving success.

Here's what we'll cover:

  • Detailing ways you can compliment your Amazon advertising with ads for your D2C site, and how it can help across both channels
  • Highlighting how to translate search-based targeting to other channels
  • Discussing ways to use Amazon DSP for goals beyond driving traffic to Amazon
  • Spelling out best practices when starting and scaling your advertising efforts across Amazon and beyond

Show Notes

Stay tuned for live Q&A with the hosts! ,

Your hosts


Ian Miller DSP Lead, Teikametrics


Mike Gifis Director of North American Sales, Taboola

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