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2021 Fulfillment Update: Latest Developments on Amazon & Walmart

Newer fulfillment options like Multi-channel fulfillment (MCF) on Amazon and Walmart's Fulfillment Service (WFS) can be valuable tools for sellers as we approach Q4. However, the way to realize the greatest advantage of these services, and minimize any headaches, is to match your strategy to your underlying business. In this webinar, Teikametrics is joined by Zentail to provide a detailed overview of these latest developments across Amazon and Walmart, key tactical and strategic elements that inform the value of fulfillment options to your business, along with a structured checklist around fulfillment you should consider for your holiday season planning.

Here's what we'll cover:

  • Detailing the latest on Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment, and why it matters
  • Highlighting observations on Walmart's Fulfillment Service, and what sellers should know
  • Underscoring key operational trends from 2021 that should color your holiday fulfillment plans
  • Providing a holiday checklist for fulfillment in advance of the upcoming shopping season

Date and time

September 16th 2021, 1:00 - 2:00PM ET

Your hosts


Liz Downing Ecommerce Marketing Manager, Teikametrics


Michael Goldmeier Director of Sales, Zentail